Monday, July 28, 2008

10 month old blue-eyed boy

I'm not sure how it happened. You turned 10 months old in a blink of an eye...and I don't like it. You're growing up too fast and doing too many things that show you are a big boy! You love to copy me by blabbering and shouting "nonsense". You still have those observant eyes and love watching people. It's no secret that you love food and lots of it! You could spend hours snacking on crackers if I let you. You are a crawling machine and try so hard to get to your toys before your sister beats you. You love being held and I love holding you. My favorite thing is when you suddenly fall asleep in our arms, usually clutching onto something you were playing with. You love to bury your face into pillows, shoulders, or anything soft. I love how you pout when I say "no"...trying to make me feel sorry for you, I'm sure. I love your smile, showing off all of your teeth. I love how you splash in the bath tub or swimming pool, squealing with delight. You are such a sweet little boy with so much personality. It's OK if you want to stay little forever...we'll let you.


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