Saturday, January 3, 2009

movin' on up

Mikayla started off the New Year with a big girl bed. We had purchased her bed almost a month ago, but because of our vacation, snow, and the holidays, we hadn't been able to get a mattress yet or even put it together. I fell in love with a trundle day bed at IKEA and I can't complain one bit about how it looks in her bedroom (decor pics to come...just waiting to find the right comforter). We've had 3 successful naps and 2 successful nights (going on our 3rd) and all is well. Mikayla loves it! She even waits for us to come get her before getting out of bed in the morning or at naptime...something we wanted to make sure she understood. We'll take her "good behavior" as long as we can get it! It takes all I have not to snuggle with her in her new bed, but I know that if I do it once, it will become a nightly habit and we're good with the night time routine we already have in place. I'll just have to make up for all the snuggling at other times.

As much as it pains me to see her growing up, she is becoming quite the little big girl.

One more "first" checked off.

Mikayla's first nap in her new bed


Sarah said...

I am glad that the transition is going well for you. Yeah. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Moore's Galore said...

It happens so cute! We are so excited to visit you at the end of the month. We think we might get a hotel..just for ease for all of us...but haven't decided fully yet. What did you do with her crib? Did it not break down?

Smith Family said...

Way to go Mikayla.

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