Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a minivan makeover & delicious desserts

For this week's Tuesday Tackle, it's a two-part tackle.

One part "have-to" and another part "want-to".

Part One:
Although a bit chilly, the weather was beautiful on Monday, so I ventured out to finally do something that I have been putting off time and time again...clean the car!! I was tired of seeing cracker crumbs, goldfish, cheerios, and so much more on the floor, in the carseat, and everywhere I looked! Not only did I get that Shop-Vac to do its work, but I also wiped down the interior a bit. It took about an hour, but I feel like I have a new car again! Next step: washing the outside. That's going to have to wait...

(this picture doesn't show the true filth!)

Part Two:
Last Tuesday, I tackled typing up my recipes and organizing my recipe box. After doing that, I realized it was getting quite full...too full, in fact, that I needed to do something about it so I could add more recipes in the future. I decided I would take all of my dessert recipes and make my own little recipe book just for desserts.

I started out with picking up a small little photo album (they're only $1 at Target!), and pulling out all of my dessert recipes.

I quickly realized that all of my dessert recipes were not going to fit into the small book that I had bought. I decided to put all of the recipes in three piles to sort through: 1) I will never make, so get rid of 2) maybe I will keep, and 3) definitely keep! I went back and forth and was able to narrow it down to the recipes that I truly wanted and knew I would actually make!

Of course, I had to make my own little cover...

Now, I have all of the dessert recipes right at my fingertips.

I wasn't the only one who was doing some tackling today.

These two little blue-eyed blessings love to play and tackle each other.

True sister-brother tackling.

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Get inspired!!


L2L said...

I too had to vacuum out our van. I made a deal with the boys this time. The next time we went to vacuum out the van I would take 4 quarters, if it only took 2 quarters to vacuum it out we would go get gum balls afterwards. So they are working really hard at cleaning up messes now, hopefully this will keep them motivated for awhile, lol

Hannah said...

ooh, good inspiration. I NEED to get my recipes in order!

Susie said...

Great tackles!

Tanya said...

it's true that when you clean out the car, you feel like you have a brand new set of wheels! and your dessert recipe book is too cute. how handy!

Anonymous said...

Your car looks great, and I love your recipe book. What a cool idea!

Tammy Williams said...

Lovely job on cleaning your vehicle. I need to do the same. Your kids are super cute. I found your blog through the MOPS site. Hope you don't mind if I keep coming back to see what's happening in your lives. Take care and perhaps we will meet someday.

Smith Family said...

I love the idea of having all dessert recipes together! Good idea...as always =)

Elisabeth said...

Vacuuming our vehicle is something that needs to be done way more often than actually happens.

Love your dessert book.

Katie said...

Love your system for recipe organization. Did it take forever to type all those out??

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