Tuesday, January 6, 2009

you can never be too organized

Today I'm talking more about organizing and house stuff. Go ahead, roll your eyes. Get it over with. It's OK. It won't offend me.

I just can't help it and it gets me motivated to actually do my organizing and household duties the right way and that's why I blog about it. You never know, it might even motivate you! Is it your New Years resolution to be more organized? See? I'm just helping a friend out.

I packed up Christmas last week (except for the snowmen...they get to hang around for at least one more week). I decided to organize my totes as neatly as I could, so that when I pull them out next year, I can ooh and aah over them.

Don't worry I won't bore you with the contents of every tote, but just imagine everything fitting so neatly inside, tissue paper included for all the fragile things.

For this project, I got out my handy label maker and went to town. I've had the totes labeled in the past, but this year I really got specific and they deserved the large size this time.

What's in your totes, you might ask? Christmas lights, Christmas gift wrap (see contents below), Christmas containers including basket fillers (see contents below), Christmas tree decor (see contents below), Christmas misc. decor (pretty much anything besides snowmen, which includes stockings, stocking holders, and my nativity), 2 totes of snowman decor (I know, I know, this might be a little much), and Christmas candles (which I have learned NOT to keep in the attic...I found melted candles one year...very tragic)

organized and ready to go for next year!

Christmas gift wrap tote includes...
flattened gift boxes, squares of leftover wrapping paper, gift bags of all sizes, and tissue paper

Christmas containers tote includes...
cute tins, baskets, and misc. containers, including shredded basket fillers
(FYI: I can't explain why this picture is turned the wrong way)

Christmas tree decor includes...
boxes of ornaments for each of my children, a box for both mine and my husband's childhood ornaments, and a small organizer for our ornaments we have collected together since we've been married,
also included are bulbs and other misc. trimmings including our new "after-Christmas sale" star topper

I even have a cute box that holds my Christmas stationery, cards, gift tags, stickers, etc.

I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of my 2 smaller (no, seriously) organizers of ribbons and bows and my wrapping paper collection (or should I say addiction?) before my husband put them in the attic. (I think he was tired of seeing this stuff laying around.)

If you'd like to see my Christmas decor before I put it way, check it out here.

That's what I tackled...what about you?

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Sarah said...

I LOVE all your post about organizing. I need to get back to blogging, organizing, etc.

Your totes look amazing!!!

' said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I'd be happy to get all my Christmas items together in one place. I don't even think we found all of them this year.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and inspiring. I actually organized Kenneths closet and paused before thinking...I should take before and after pictures. Then I decided to just get to work.

Smith Family said...

Oh, this makes me miss my label maker in storage back in Oregon!

heidi said...

I bow down to you. You are the organizing QUEEN.

nwestmama said...

Wow, those are some seriously organized Christmas totes! This year my goal was to downsize, so I got it down to two totes from three...loving it! My moto lately is SIMLIFY. So, your post was great...get organized and help with keeping my motivation! The trips I've made to goodwill this past 12 months is staggering.

Missy said...

I love it! I mean really I do. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling seeing things that organized. My friends used to laugh at all my Rubbermaid totes. Oh well! It's a good feeling to be organized, which I have some stuff I have to get neat and tidy.

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Simply Red!

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