Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas family fun - part three

Before I share a little more of Christmas, I thought I would say Happy New Year! I hope you have all been blessed in the year 2008 and continue to be blessed in 2009.

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On Christmas morning, the kids were shocked to see that Santa had arrived...

...and boy, did he deliver!

Since my sister's family and our family were both staying at my parents' house, things were pretty wild in the morning!

After our 2 families did their own thing (in the same living room), my brother and his family came up again and joined us for Christmas brunch, which included breakfast casserole, grapes, pineapple, caramel pull aparts, and OJ.

Austin couldn't get enough of those pull aparts...

After brunch, we opened some more gifts from each other (the adults) and gifts from Grammy & Papa to the kids.

So, to spare you from being overloaded with the kids opening presents... about a Christmas morning collage??
I got a waffle maker, gift cards to both JoAnn's & Michaels, and a Gold Club Membership to Life's A Scrapbook here in Sherwood (this gives me one free crop each month and 10% off all my purchases). I also got a Pampered Chef Simple Additions serving set and gift card to JoAnn's from my sister. We "draw names" with the siblings/in-laws and get each other one gift.

And, Ryan got a Wii! I "worked my magic" and rallied his parents and my parents to go in together on one. This works for me since we didn't have to put any money towards it. He also got a gift card and money for more accessories and games, and another game that he has been playing with since we came home on Saturday. I think I've lost my husband for awhile...

The rest of the day we relaxed and enjoyed being together. All the kids had given my parents a pool table for an early Christmas present, so the guys spent most of the day playing. I even got in a game! Plus, they set up the Wii and spent some time with that. Go figure! My Grandma & Grandpa Johnson came over for dinner and we enjoyed the traditional turkey and trimmings.

After the events of the day, we were all tired and stuffed. Most of the family turned in early and we stayed yet another night since it was late and we didn't feel like taking a trip on the roads at that time. It's so good to know that we could be with family for yet another day. And we weren't going crazy yet!

Next up...Christmas with the Boos side of the family.


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