Saturday, May 16, 2009

answers revealed - part one (being creative)

This last week I was going through a little bit of blogger's block, so I opened it up for my readers to ask me questions. My original intention was that I would update that same post with my answers, but after a mishap with deleting everything I had written (so sad!), I decided instead I would answer the questions over a series of posts.

Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit and thank you to those who asked me questions. Feel free to ask me anything else you might want to know along the way!

Question # 1 comes from Dawn at Eventually Cottage - What inspires your creativity the most?

I've always been one who loves to create! I remember in junior high and high school I would always try to make things "cute". I couldn't just turn in a plain and simple report. It had to have some sort of flair to it. In college, when I chose to be a teacher, this was the perfect outlet for me to not only fulfill my love for being with kids, but also my passion to create and inspire! Ultimately, I enjoy being inspired by others and then creating something from that idea and making it fit to work for me! I see borrowing ideas as the greatest form of flattery. I like to try many different things and so when I see something I *think* I can create, then I go for it! Sometimes it flops and sometimes I'm excited about what I create. The important thing is to keep creating.

Question #4 from the Princess of Everything (and then some) - What is your favorite craft and why?

My favorite craft would have to be scrapbooking. It has been a constant creative outlet for me. However, my scrapbooking style has definitely evolved throughout the years. It's actually been quite comical looking back and seeing what style I was into at certain times...and how much I have improved! I've shared just a couple of my scrapbooking projects before, but I might just have to share more in the future! I'm headed to an all day scrapbook day next Saturday, so I'll be sure to share some of those pages. Besides scrapbooking, I also go in and out of what kinds of things I like to do. I enjoy seeing what others create and then I think "hey, I can do that, right?" This keeps me trying new things and seeing if I enjoy it or not. Lately, I have been into stamping cards and creating other stamping projects. I suppose it might have something do with recently becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!? However, I should probably tell you that I feel I am far from talented in the areas of knitting, crocheting, quilting, or any kind of sewing for that matter. I leave the sewing expertise to my mother!


In wrapping up the first installment of "answers revealed", I'll leave you with my latest creative project. I finally finished Mikayla's thank you cards! I always enjoy making thank you cards, but sometimes it takes me a little longer than I hoped. But I'm happy how they turned out to go along with her lollipop-themed birthday party!


Dawn said...

Good morning! Thank you for answering my question!

I love the thank you's that you created. Too cute!!!

Unknown said...

Love, Love that card!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I like the card!

Katie said...

Those are the perfect cards for your themed party, love it!

Katie said...

Such a sweet card.
Thanks for the fun answers to a few of the questions. I'll look forward to part 2.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love scrapbooking. That card is awesome. I love it.

vicki said...

Very cute card! Can't wait to get one. :)


Kelli said...

I love to scrapbook and I want to tell you that a while ago I read about what you do with the picture cards from Christmas and I am SO doing that from now on. Great idea.
That's a cute thank you card!

Rhonda said...

Fun learning more about you! LOVE< LOVE< THE CARD!!!!!

heidi said...

Cute thank you card! How completely NOT surprising that you've always been a crafty little maven. :-)

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