Sunday, May 10, 2009

she's back...almost

I just did something completely out of character for me. Something totally crazy. And I actually winced a bit in pain after it was over.

I "marked as read" ALL of the posts in my Google Reader without actually reading them! Yes, 400+ posts!! (I have a lot of blogs I love, what can I say?)

My personality is one that I NEVER do this. I love to comment (if not daily than every other day) on so many of my favorite blogs. Even if I'm behind on my reading, I still like to go back to comment, but seriously...this was getting a little out of control! I was way too far behind to get caught up the way I would have liked to. So, even if it pained me to have done it, I had to. For my sanity.

I hope you all forgive me if you haven't seen me around at "your place" in awhile. And, of course please forgive me for not reading some of the posts you put hard work into. Trust me...I know it's not something that comes quickly. This last week was so busy that I just had to give up on commenting to truly get things done. I'm working on that whole priority thing, you know?

But the good news?

I'm back...kind of. I still have a good-sized list I'm trying to hack away at, but it's so much smaller than it was. So, I hope to have a little more free time to come on by and say hello. And, if you could do me a favor...PLEASE leave me a comment if you have a post in the last week that I should come check out. No, seriously. Even if I deleted them...I know there are some great things to read, so I would love to hear it!

Oh, and you still have until Thursday to enter into the Monthly Craft Challenge - Ribbons! Go check out all of the great things created. We had such a wonderful turn out this month!!

Hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day!


Rachel Holloway said...

I ALWAYS have a post, but whether it's something you WANT to read or not, I don't know! :) hehehe....

I totally understand the overwhelming feeling from blogging. Some days I completely kick myself for signing up to read SO many blogs, even though I love connecting with each person or being inspired! But dang it, it feels like overload somedays. So--please know I ALWAYS read your blog, I just don't always get to comment...and I know you will understand! :) Right??

Dawn said...

Well, it better not be one of mine you didn't read :) only kidding-I think it's like everything else, we'd like to do it all but sometimes you just can't. I know I don't get to comment everyday or every post- although I'd like to-but I get so much out of everyone's blogs.

Shelby said...

Don't sweat it - these are just the little things. If it is truly important you'll catch it still. I am proud of you for your courage to look those emails in the face and show them who is boss! :) I am still working on my ribbon entry... making "pretties" is harder than I realized.

Unknown said...

I am proud of you Heidi. You need to take a break from everything and that is one way to do it! See you soon.

Katie said...

I wondered if you were sick or something! Don't worry about not being around, life happens you can only do what you can do. We understand, really we do!

I don't know if you read about my tea party, but here is a link, The only reason I'm telling you about this one, is because we were emailing back and forth about tea parties and sharing ideas. But I understand if you don't have time to read it.

Emily said...

Wow! Over 400...I think you are totally justified in doing that every now and then! I only have about 50 in my reader and that's all I can keep up with!
Well, I did post a picture of my fabulous new shoes, but unless you're a shoe-obsessed freak like me, you can probably skip it! lol
Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Rhonda said...

Hey Heidi,
I haven't heard from you in a while it seems...I posted about the ribbon craft project, and had my 100th's long...but if you read it you should probably know me well...maybe too well. HOpe you had a fab Mother's Day!

Everyone gets busy...I've had a crazy last week, and this week looks pretty hectic too! Understand!! Take care!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is alot. I can't blame you. It is hard to keep up some days. I am just lucky my guy took a long nap today so I could catch up. lOL

Missy said...

I say good for you! Let it go. It's all good.

You've got to have a little time for you. Hope you had a good Mother's Day.

The Masked Mommy said...

I know what you mean! I couldn't blog in peace until I realized that I just wasn't going to be able to read all the great stuff out there. There's just too many amazing talented people out there to absorb it all! But you should check out my post from today. I think you'd like it! :-)

Maridith said...

Hey Heidi- Life happens. I love it when you stop by (and comment) but it is okay that you don't!! I will still continue to read your blog...when time allows me. With the end of school and the beginning of summer I don't have time to do the things I enjoy like blogging!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

There are times that you just have to do that!!

Now it is start again time!

Jen @ said...

I know what you are saying! You don't want your blog and commenting to be a chore. I feel that way sometimes too. I feel like life is getting out of control right now with the end of school and everyone's activities. We all love you, come by when you can. Your family comes first.


Miller Racing Family said...

I totally agree with you! The past couple of weeks we have been so busy, that I to have not been able to read others blogs. I so like that there is another blogger out there that feels guilty when they don't read all of the post.
Glad your back and I say let's start on the current days posts and forget about those we have to catch up on.
Hope you had a great Mother's day.

Melissa said...

Were glad we have yeah back.

onegirliegirl said...

Now I don't feel so guilty...the secret is out!! Sometimes I have to do this, too!!

If I'm away from the computer for even a day...I get waayyyy backlogged!! Hey, we're people and that's the way it goes :)

xoxo ~Lisa

heidi said...

Hey! You're back! I missed ya. :-) My computer decided to commit suicide so Rob and I are sharing his laptop right now. I's really not ideal, at all. I have to work 40 hours a week on the computer but that's boring...however he figures it's enough time and wants his laptop back when I'm not working so he can get his computer geek gaming fix, too. *sigh* So, I'm not around much right now either.

I don't have anything specific you should come check out. You know me, I just ramble and ramble as long as people are listening. Nothing earth shaterring, though.

Hope your Sunday is grand!

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