Sunday, September 20, 2009

80 years young


It's been a little while, hasn't it? Thanks for all the well wishes and "I've been there" support in my last post...over a week ago!? I was able to snap out of that weird funk I was in and joined the land of the living, but not so much here in blog land. Last week was a rush of busy-ness, mixed in with some not-fun-at-all sickness for both Ryan and myself (two words: stomach flu). I was going to try to attempt to make this a "here's what I've been up to" kind of post, but changed my mind and thought I'd share bits and pieces along the way. I'm enjoying a lazy SUNNY Sunday afternoon while the kids nap...perfect timing for a little blogging.

2 weeks ago my mom came for a one-week whirlwind visit from Alaska to surprise my grandma for her 80th birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

my mom and the birthday girl...80 years young

We had a family party to celebrate those 80 years. "All because two people fell in love" gives great meaning to our family...2 of the world's greatest grandparents, their 3 children (+ their spouses (minus my dad who stayed back in Alaska)), 7 grandchildren (+5 spouses), and 8 great grandchildren. Talk about a full house!! We took this opportunity to snap pictures of each of the families and unfortunately it was pouring rain outside, so we all had to cram inside for the photo shoot. It would have been fun to get one of all of us as a group, but there was just no room for that!!

The great grandparents with their great grandchildren

My poor mom had to juggle her one week here between my grandparents, me, and my other two siblings (my sister and family were also in town for the same week my mom was). I bet she was exhausted after her stay, but I know we all loved having her here, although it would have been 10 times better if my dad had come, too! Those kids love their Papa!! The countdown begins for December to come when they'll BOTH be in town for 3 months (maybe longer?? hint, hint)

So, of course while we were all pretty much in the same zip code as each other, we squeezed in lots of cousin time...

Jacob (9), Noah (3 1/2), Mikayla (3 1/2), Hunter (2),
Austin (2), Hailey (14 months)

My nephew turned 9 years old last Monday,
so we celebrated while they were still in town.


I won't be as MIA this week as I was last week (let's hope!), but I'll just send a little reminder to keep working (or start) on your Monthly Craft Challenge...Halloween or Fall-Themed!! You still have 11 days left, so that's PLENTY of time to get going. (please note: this is a little reminder for me, also!) Leave me a comment if you have questions or click on the button below for more information!


Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Great pictures! Looked like tons of fun!!

vicki said...

Thanks for all the pictures! We did have a wonderful time! Miss all of you very much and can't wait until we can be together for a longer period of time.
Love you lots!

Moore Minutes said...

Hi there! I was just thinking about you a couple days ago and looking for a blog post. :) It looks like a lot of family love going on. By the way, that cake at the bottom of your post is too cool with the candy that.

Unknown said...

I love the picture of Austin and he beads! He is so cute.

Your mom and grams look a lot alike. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

Looks like a fun visit. Your grandma looks GREAT! I am participating the the craft challenge this month and have all of my materials. I can't wait.

He & Me + 3 said...

What fun. Nothing better than family time.

Miller Racing Family said...

What great photos. I love getting together with the entire family. I bet the kids loved the time with the all the cousins. I bet there was not a silent moment all week. Glad you are also feeling better. Have a great day!

Emily said...

wow...looks like you guys have really been able to enjoy some great family time. Alaska, wow! Are you originally from there?

Kelli W said...

It looks like you had some great family time! I love the pic with the great grandparents and all the kiddos!

Russell Family said...

How awesome to have the family together!!! Your kiddos will love looking back at these pictures.

Sarah Ondracek said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! What a blessing to have such a big family!

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