Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

{My Easter cuties before church}

We kind of had a rushed morning on Easter (a little too much sleeping in...oops!), so before heading to the in-laws for an Easter lunch and after church, we stopped back by the house to "get something" and that's when the Easter bunny had dropped off the baskets for the kids. I rushed back out to the car and told the kids there was something on the front door for them. Those kids got out of the car in a flash to check it out! I love the look on their faces.

Can you just see Mikayla saying, "How did that get there?"Mikayla had a lot of questions this year on who the Easter bunny is and I was this close to just spilling the beans, but the more we talked about it, the more I could tell she was hoping it was, in fact, the Easter bunny...and no one else. Maybe next year I can spoil the fun! *wink*

We had a bit of a drive to the in-laws, so on the way we let the kids watch the new movie they got in their Easter basket...Veggie Tales: Easter Carol. So, now I understand why the Easter bunny didn't want to wait until later to give the kids their Easter baskets. Nice thinking, Easter bunny!

{Easter at Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Charlie's}

How awesome are these first two pictures?
That's my boy!
Oh, the things a momma makes you do!
We prepared the kids for the possibility that there may not be an Easter egg hunt because they had already done one with grandma and grandpa a few weeks prior. So, they were really surprised to hear that yes, there would be an egg hunt...inside, of course! Hello, we desperately need a little Spring sunshine!!
Getting ready to see what's inside all of their eggs!
These next few pictures I will CHERISH! I love Austin's sweet and fun-loving personality! He was so funny opening each egg, getting all excited about what was inside, and then dumping them all in his lap.
Then there's the other side of Austin's personality (which I still love) that does things like gives you "angry eyebrows" in what could have been a great family photo! We took four pictures and he had some sort of "face" in each one of them. But, you know what...I will look at this picture and laugh every time. That's my boy!
We had a really fun Easter and I'm sure that just like this last year has flown by, Easter 2012 will be here in a blink of an eye!


Kelli said...

What a great day! I love the idea of the baskets fun.

Unknown said...

Great pictures! I love the family picture.

vicki said...

Love this post! What great memories for the kids. Love these kiddos!

Russell Family said...

Your kids are so cute! And I love Austin's faces in the pics!! The fun of having a silly boy :)

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