Tuesday, October 25, 2011

birthday party with friends...Disney Cars style

To celebrate Austin's 4th birthday on his "actual day", I invited a handful of friends over to help with that celebration. Last year for Austin's Toy Story party, I invited both friends and family over for one big party and although we all had a blast, it was a full house!!! This year I decided to do two parties
...one for friends and one for family.

Still sticking with the Disney Cars theme, of course...

Some treats to enjoy!

I provided the dessert...
...and the drinks!
{Traffic Lights}
Yep, this meant I didn't have to clean the upstairs! *wink*

The Birthday Boy!

Each of the party guests brought their own sack lunch to enjoy!

There were Cars coloring sheets to enjoy...

...and cars to play with.

We played a dance freeze game with "Life is a Highway" music from the Cars movie...
...and Lightning, Lightning, Ka-Chow!

We attempted Red Light - Green Light...
...and everyone got a Cars tattoo.
{The Pit Crew}

Present Time!
(Austin's favorite part, of course!)

{look how excited Brady is...so sweet!}

Austin & Jilian
Time to pass out the birthday treats!!

And become a chocolate mess, apparently!

Goody bags for our friends to take home!

Birthday Celebration #3 complete!


Kelli said...

You throw the best parties. I love the stop light rice krispy treats. Caleb would have been on cloud 9 at that party. Austin looks super happy :)

lisa v said...

where did u get the cars drink
lisa v

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