Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fun run 2011

At the end of September, Mikayla ran in her first Fun Run of her elementary school career! She raised money by asking family and one sweet neighbor across the street whom Mikayla loves. Her Daddy gave her $2 per lap and we calculated that if she ran six laps she would raise enough money to earn a key chain and shoelaces, so on the day of the race her goal was to run at least six laps...all the way around a regular sized track!

Waiting in line with some of her classmates.


The Kindergarteners raced off,
but they didn't keep that pace for long!

She has her runnin' shoes on...go Mikayla go!

Mikayla with her 5th grade buddy, Abby.
She helped motivate Mikayla by running with sweet!

Some extra high-fives from the fifth graders...and the principal!
Yep...six laps complete!!
She met her goal!

A little juice pick me up before heading back to class...

...and a quick hug from little brother.
He wasn't so thrilled about "hanging out" all morning.


Lyndsie Miles said...

Way to go! She is looking so grown up!

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