Monday, October 24, 2011

celebrating 4 years!

My little guy turned four years old on September 28th! I can't believe "my baby" is past the toddler phase and now an official pre-schooler! We had a great day celebrating the big 0-4!

This year's birthday theme was "Disney Cars" (it started with his pre-school celebration), so for his birthday breakfast he got "spare tires" (aka chocolate donut rings).

{more pictures of his birthday breakfast HERE}

To start off his special day, we gave him a couple of presents to enjoy! I just love his enthusiasm in these pictures!

{Can you tell we kept with the Cars theme even with the presents?}

A little birthday hug from Big Sis before she heads off to school!

It didn't take him long to start playing with his new toys and he had a blast lining up his cars and trucks...and he's already wearing his new shirt!

During the day we had some friends over for more birthday fun...more pictures to come soon!!

At the end of the day, we called up my parents to see if they wanted to meet up for an impromptu trip for some pizza and to celebrate the rest of Austin's special day!

Of course, that meant more presents...

...and more entertaining faces!

{yep, I re-used the bag from this morning!}

Didn't take him long to want to start playing his new Cars Dominoes game!

On our way home, we grabbed a Dilly Bar for a birthday treat!

Birthday Celebration #2 complete!


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