Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Day 3

Day 3 - Festival of Trees

Wow! How does a whole week go by in a blink of an eye?! Although I haven't been up to date with blogging every day, our family is still doing our 25 Days of Christmas. Some days I'm a little more prepared than others, but no matter what...the kids are having a blast (and we are, too!).

Last Saturday (day 3) the kids and Daddy got to have a little day with just the three of them and they met up with his parents at the Festival of Trees in downtown Portland. I decided to stay home to prepare for my Holiday Bazaar the following day. It's not often that Daddy gets a day with just the kids (and his parents), so I knew it would be a fun day for them! We originally were going to go see Santa come in on a helicopter in our hometown, but last minute Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Charlie called and we decided to change the plans! Good thing we did because it was too foggy for Santa to fly in. It would have been such a big disappointment!

I lovingly encouraged (hee hee!) Ryan to be sure to take LOTS of pictures for me and he did amazing! I was able to see the fun the kids got to have through pictures!

This event was sponsored by Providence, so one of the treats of the event was that they each got to take home a stuffed bear. But, before they took it home, they had to fix each of their bears up from all of its boo-boos.

{Austin named his bear Arthur...I'm pretty sure he named him after the boy in the movie we watched the night before}

All fixed up!

And, of course it wouldn't be the Festival of Trees without pretty decorated trees! Each of the trees were being auctioned off to the highest bidder and the money would go towards a charity. They were each decorated with a theme and under each tree were supplies or toys that went along with the tree's theme. Those who bought the tree could then keep the items or donate those as well. Such a neat concept!

There were people making gingerbread houses, as well as some on display...

The kids also got to decorate sugar cookies...

These look yummy and I'm sure they ate every crumb!!

There was even face painting...

And best of all?


Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma for a fun day!

And what a special day for Daddy and his kids!


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