Friday, December 2, 2011

on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree!

Well, I didn't quite make it through my October and November pictures to post here on the blog. I'm missing our Disneyland trip, making caramel apples, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Day! I'm kind of past the "catching up" phase, so I'll have to relive those memories later because now it's time for all things...


Normally we wait until December actually comes around before getting our tree, but this year we decided to jump a little ahead of schedule due to busy weekends ahead in the early part of December. We didn't want to just cram it into our schedule, but yet enjoy going on the hunt for the perfect tree because we had time to! We got our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving (it was a beautiful, crisp, clear day!), but didn't put it up in the house until Monday night. It sat bare for a few more days before we decorated it last night as our first activity of the 25 Days to Christmas!

First sweet sibling picture!

And they're off to find the perfect tree!!

My baby girl is growing up way too fast!!

Grammy came with us and it didn't take us
long to help her find the perfect "skinny tree".

Finding our tree on the other hand? It took us much longer! After awhile all of the trees started to look the same, but there would always be one minor imperfection we couldn't live with.

Nope...definitely not this one!

We finally found the one we wanted!

Helping Daddy cut it down...

Pics with mom...

Yep! I'm the one behind the camera lens...I was there, too!

Hot cocoa before heading home!

Thank you to Jorgensen Tree Farm in Newberg for our awesome tree!


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