Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 1 Christmas fun!

December 1st marked the day of our FIRST DAY of the 25 Days of Christmas! Each day the kids will pick an activity out of our countdown calendar (a tradition we started back in 2008) and we will celebrate the season doing something fun together as a family, whether it be big or small!

Day 1 - Decorate the Christmas Tree!

First things first...let's get festive with Santa hats!

Check the lights to see if they work...

You seriously want me to untangle that mess?

Time to open the first gift of the season from Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Charlie. Each year (starting when the kids were babies), they have been given an ornament to hang on the tree. It's a fun tradition that the kids look forward to each year (and me, too!)

An ornament for Austin's 5th Christmas...

And Mikayla got Minnie Mouse this year!
Then it was time to go through the ornament boxes and look at all of the ornaments from Christmases past while Daddy hung the lights on the tree.

Ready to light up the tree...


Now it's time to hang the ornaments...

Hanging ornaments takes concentration, you know.

Daddy helping Austin reach up on the high branches...

Our newest family ornament from our Disneyland trip in October.

{our tree}

And the cutest little Santa helpers I've ever seen!


Michie said...

I love the kids little ornament boxes! I struggle each year with how to store the ornaments in general...and then this year my daughter was dying for me to dig out the ones that were hers. I'll have to find a way to package them all together this year.

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