Tuesday, February 3, 2009

claiming back my creative space

I didn't have any plans to tackle a project today other than a lot of just being with my kids, but somehow it happened!

After a morning at Bible Study, then lunch, it was time for naps, which meant a little bit of "me time". I guess Austin didn't think mommy needed that much "me time" because he ended up not napping very long and waking up fussy...oh joy! And, of course, like normal, Mikayla had just fallen asleep after a good half hour of talking and singing to herself. So, in an effort to keep the house quiet and avoid Austin running down the halls and bursting into her room, we trapped ourselves in the play room so his big sister could take a good nap.

Other than the toys spread out all around my feet, it was my desk that was screaming at me to do something about the overflowing mess! So, while Austin played to his heart's content (and made even more of a mess), I got to work on trying to uncover what once was my creative working space.


My only regret is that I didn't do this last week before my friends came in town and stayed in this very room with the cluttered pile. (So sorry, Kara & Jason!!)

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Kasey said...

Wow- is all I can say!

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