Tuesday, February 3, 2009

just a sprinkling of decor

For the first Tuesday of the month over at The Lazy Organizer, we are talking about the parts of our homes that we enjoy and give us inspiration. I love to decorate, so I thought I would give a mini home decor tour for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day doesn't usually get much in the way of home decor, but this year I thought I would add a little bit just for some extra fun and color! My main goal was to do this without spending too much money, and I think I was able to accomplish that by adding a little bit of creative thought into it.

Normally I'm full of words, but today I'll let the pictures do the talking!

check out the candy bucket makeover here

Go visit The Lazy Organizer for more Talk About a Home Tour inspirations.


Lindy said...

Very pretty! I normally don't decorate for Valentine's Day, but I have started doing it this year and I love it! Seeing the pinks and reds in my house really brighten it up and help relieve the winter "blahs". Too cute!

Kasey said...

You're so festive! I love it!

We finally got power back! Yay! I'm headed home tonight. So I hope to leave a nice big post tonight after I get there! I can't wait to get back with all my lovely blogging buddies! (I'm at the library in my parents home town now). bye!

lsnellings said...

So cute! I usually don't think about seasonal decor until it is too late to do it! Love the ideas!

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