Monday, March 2, 2009

just one {or two} of those days

This weekend went by in a blur it seemed.

We had to cancel my "already postponed" birthday celebration on Saturday (after spending the morning cleaning house) because Austin woke up from his nap with a high fever. No point in spreading the germs any more than we already had. I think we're going to give up on rescheduling. I'm old. I'm over it.

I threw a baby shower on Sunday for a good friend of mine (pics to share later!), so I shooed the hubby and kiddos out the door to my mom's house and hosted a fun time filled with ice cream sundaes and some cute baby girl clothes. Almost makes me want another one. Almost.

After clean up, the kids and Ryan came home and Austin's temperature was even higher than it was yesterday. Poor little guy...we could have used him as our blanket he was so warm.

Ryan was still feeling a little less than his best, and I was even starting to feel some achiness. Mikayla was the only one who was happily running around, bouncing off the walls. In his lethargic state, Austin fell asleep on daddy around 6:30 and they both enjoyed a 15 minute snooze.

Then we woke him up to change him into his pajamas. That was a mistake.

He wasn't too happy about that...

Don't you just love the hair?

By this time, it was time to fix something to eat, but I had little to no motivation for that. I knew Austin wasn't going to be up for eating anything, and really the only one who wanted to eat was Miss Bubbly herself.

In my attempt to keep up with Mikayla's "I'm the only one not sick" (and might I add a little bossy) attitude, I decided that this would be the perfect chance to whip up a muffin tin dinner. This week's theme was ORANGE, so Mikayla and I scoured the pantry and the refrigerator for all things ORANGE. She had a lot of fun helping me find something for her to eat. And I do have to say, it cheered me up a bit, too!

top row: cheddar cheese sticks, mandarin orange jello, peaches
bottom row: mandarin oranges, goldfish crackers, carrots

Is this the most nutritious meal ever? No. But it could have been a lot worse. (Check out Her Cup Overfloweth for more moms who went ORANGE for Muffin Tin Monday!)

After the kids were in bed, I sat on the couch (with my feet up and some Amazing Race playing on the TV) to work on a baby announcement I'm creating for a friend. After almost two hours of work, I was so excited about how it was turning out...and then my laptop unexpectantly shut off.

Guess who didn't have it plugged in?

And guess who hadn't saved it yet?

And as I type this, the scratch in my throat is getting annoyingly worse and my knight in shining armor is desperately trying to find my lost work on the laptop to save the day for his damsel in distress.

He's still my knight even if he can't find it.

I'm tired. It's late. And I'm praying that no kids get up in the night, especially the one who was once bubbly. I'm still holding out hope that she will escape the sickness.

This mommy needs her sleep.

She also needs to learn to use the save button a little more often.

*Don't's not all bad. I do have something fun to share very soon! I used some birthday money over the weekend and took advantage of a 40% off sale at Michaels and found something that will help spruce up my creative space. As my daughter would say, "that makes me so happy".


Unknown said...

Wow, I am sorry for the sickies in your house. It is tough when the mama doesn't feel good. I hope your family is better soon!

Shawn said...

ahhh poor little guy. My 9 year year old is home with a fever again 8...and a cough. I love the "fever virus" diagnosis from the doctor. We will be revisiting him this afternoon, enough is enough!

I hope things get better for your precious family soon!

Kelli said...

I had sick kiddies this weekend too. They need some fresh air. I hope your little one feels better soon!

Kelli said...
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Be Brave, Keep Going said...

that photo of austin is!

great muffin tin! Working on getting it up in the next few minutes!

heidi said...

Poor little buddy!! :-( He looks so sad there.

I love that you do the muffin tin stuff. Wonder if my nearly 10 and 7 yo would think me nuts if I served them dinner like that??

I hope you find the announcement AND don't get sick!!!

Re: your comment on my entry today - cut them loose. I do it every month. If I comment on you and you don't comment back to me in a month, then I just assume you're not reading and move along. No animosity or hurt feelings - we're all busy women! Sometimes it's just not there anymore so ya gotta break up. ;-)

Lyndsie Miles said...

He looked so sick. I hope he get better quickly! And that you guys do as well... and that Mikayla doesn't get what everyone else has.
Have a good rest and hope you all get some sleep!

boosmom said...

sorry to hear Austin isn't feeling good. Hoping he is better now!

On a side note, the orange muffin tin was perfect! Love it!

Tammy Williams said...

Awe, poor Austin. Turns out Declan was sick over the weekend too. Who gave it to who? I think he is starting to get back to normal now, but I'm sure I will have to blog about our weekend adventures anyway. Looks like you had an interesting one. Talk to you soon.

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