Sunday, March 29, 2009

saturday salad on sunday

Katie at A Listmaker's Life has a weekly carnival called Saturday Salads. You should go on over and check it out since summer will be coming before we know it and summer always reminds me of salads! I'm a little late to the party since it's technically not Saturday, but I have a few minutes of downtime while the kids nap, so I thought I'd share a favorite of mine that's super easy!

I'll just give you the ingredients for 1 serving, but you'll get the gist for making it for the whole family. By the way, this is a great salad for watching what you eat...just don't go overboard with the dressing! I'm going to give you the "lite" version since I'm attempting to watch my weight these days (I guess this probably wouldn't be the time to confess that I had Chinese food for lunch...and a lot of it!). If you want the real recipe, I found it HERE.

Barbecued Chicken Southwestern Salad

*lettuce of your favorite variety and however much you like to fill the plate
*1/4 - 1/2 cup canned corn, drained
*1/4 - 1/2 cup black beans, drained and rinsed
*1 chicken breast grilled with bbq sauce or baked in oven with bbq sauce (sometimes I only need to use half the chilcken)
*1/8 - 1/4 cup 2% Mexican-style shredded cheese
*crumbled BAKED Tostitos (14 chips is 1 serving)
*I'm not a fan of tomatoes, but I'm sure for those who are you could add some for color and a little more flavor!

Here's the real treat...the dressing!
Mix ranch dressing and BBQ sauce to make a yummy blend. I'll let you figure out how much of each, but the original does say to use equal of both ranch and BBQ sauce. I usually do a little more BBQ sauce than ranch since we all know how much fat is in ranch dressing! I usually don't go for light ranch since I don't like the taste. I just try to use less of it and I always use the trick of dipping my fork in the dressing and then on my salad. I try to NEVER smother my salad in just helps cut back the fat/calories. I know that's already a given, but there's my tip for the day anyway!

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday! We've had a leisurely weekend with a few extra days with Ryan being off work. It's kind of the "calm before the storm" since it's back to an extra busy week for him starting next week. Late nights...ugh!

I want to leave you with this last random funny for the day...

This morning as we were getting ready for church, I asked Mikayla if she could please come here so I could do her hair. I heard her say with her sweet little voice from the back bedroom, "No thank you!" At least she was polite about it.


Tanielle said...

OHHH...sounds yummy, especially the dressing that would add such a yummy kick!

Too cute of your little girlie! Glad she was polite.:)


Sally said...

I've made a similar salad before... very yummy!

Other things to add:

Also... it's quite tasty with just bbq sauce... don't even need the ranch. :)

Katie said...

Oh yummy! Thanks for a new recipe to try! how did you resolve the hair story? That is the newest thing in our house..."I like my hair the way it is." Never mind she has tangled curls sticking every which way!

Unknown said...

Sounds good! I am craving salads with our warm weather lately. Sadly, that part ended today, it's cold and rainy.
So glad you're doing such a good job teaching those manners! :)

Amanda said...

Sounds very yummy!
Love Mikayla's sweet manners ;-)


heidi said...

YUM YUM YUM! Too bad I can't have ranch. I'd probably just trhrow some fresh salsa on there and call it good.

I'm making Greek Salad for dinner this week and it is SUPER easy and so yummy. I love salads. SOmetimes we will just have a "Big Salad" ala Seinfeld for dinner.

Shelby said...

My 3 year old also kindly tells me "no thankyou" for many things and it cracks me up. I am glad she is using her manners but it is for such random and odd things. The salad sounds great!

Katie said...

Sounds yummy and a lot like the one I get at Chili's so it'd be nice to make a version at home.

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