Thursday, November 19, 2009

simplify the season - part 1

A couple of weeks ago our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Coordinator (and my good friend!!) spoke about holiday traditions and the things we could do as mothers to help bring family together for the holidays...without losing our sanity! She talked about having traditions, but making them simple and meaningful. She had some GREAT things to say, and I even took notes (did you hear that Sarah?) She helped validate the things that I already do to to help simplify the busy Christmas season, but she also reminded me of things that I need to do! It's about making the most of this season without all the stress...enjoying it along the way!

I thought it would be fun through the next month leading up to Christmas to share some of those thoughts of simplicity with you, so today's "Simplify the Season" comes from something Sarah said...

Tip #1 - "It's OK to take short cuts."

She said that if you like to make cookies, think of what part you (or your children) like best. Is it the baking or the decorating? For Mikayla, it's both, but for this momma who knows the list of things she wants to do for the holidays is quite long, I figure that it's the decorating part that is truly the fun part. So, during my last shopping trip I picked up a giant box of sugar cookie mix from Costco. It will save a little on the time to make them from scratch, but we still will enjoy the Christmas activity...I'm just taking a quick shortcut.

My other shortcuts included purchasing a gingerbread mix and refrigerated pie crust. Just thinking ahead, you know! And keeping it simple. (Please note: For those who have a love for baking, you're probably cringing right now, but for me, it's OK that I give up this little piece of holiday stress. It doesn't mean that I won't bake other kinds of goodies (there's still plenty other holiday treats to be made!), it just means that we'll have more fun in the decorating when it comes to frosting sugar cookies and making gingerbread men! And maybe because I bought the pie crust, I might actually make a pie this year!)

What are you going to do this year to simplify the season, so there's more time to think about the reason we celebrate?


On another note: Just look at this poor pathetic face.

We're still battling sickness in our household. I thought we were in the clear, but then Mikayla had another high fever early Wednesday morning. No fevers all day and then both Austin and Mikayla had a fever close to bedtime Wednesday night. There's only so much eye watering, coughing, and nose running a little one can take. It breaks my heart! We're going on one week with the kiddos feeling not so great!


Kelli W said...

Thanks for the tip! I like to make my cookies from stratch...but I use store bought pie crust all the time! I hate that your kiddos have been sick for so long. I know that is exhausting! I hope they start feeling better soon!

Cassie said...

I love that tip...I take it very seriously! LOL. I love cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner but I'm not about to pretend that I do it all from scratch!

Mama King said...

Poor sweetie! Hope she feels better soon!

Thanks for making me feel better about incorporating store bought into our holidays! I am not a baker so I would never make a gingerbread house on my own. I buy the kits. The girls just love decorating them and are probably much happier that I wasn't mumbling in the kitchen for hours trying to figure out how to make one from scratch!

Small House said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm tring to have all my Christmas shopping done by November 30. December is busy...Some families in my church need extra help this time of year, and I'm the one that will get the opportunity to help them.

Tammy Williams said...

I had no idea that there was actually a sugar cookie mix. Every time I try to bake them from scratch they never turn out. Thanks for sharing this post!!! No really....THANK YOU!
Hope Mikayla & Austin are doing better!

Xazmin said...

Shortcuts rule! I love my sugar cookie recipe too much, and it's WAY easy, so I have to keep it. But I ALWAYS use refrigerated pie crust! I have made my own once, count it...ONCE...never again!

I am so sorry you have sickness. Our whole family had H1N1 over's no fun. I hope everyone is feeling better really soon!

Kelli said...

I guess I've been taking short cuts for a while now. :)

Sarah said...


Sorry your family has been sick. I hope they are better soon. Jackson is sick too (moppet germs). He has missed school all week. Lucky for us no fever...just lots of snot and coughing

He & Me + 3 said...

I am all about simplifying and taking short cuts...
Praying little Mikayla feels better soon. Poor baby.

Unknown said...

YAY for simplicity! It makes me happy! I love getting permission to cut corners. :) Thank you!

I have that same picture, but of my son... looking like death warmed over. :(

Sarah said...

I was nervous to share and it makes me happy to know I was helpful to you! :-)

Jen @ said...

I love your idea to simplify. I hope Mikayla feels better soon!


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