Sunday, November 15, 2009

it can be something simple

I decided to do a little search through my past photo gift ideas (the ones I actually took pictures of!) and wanted to share these to go along with this month's craft challenge. Making a photo project can actually be something really simple! It is all in the thought that counts and giving a gift that has a picture attached to it somehow is ALWAYS thoughtful!

~ Bookmark ~
Handmade for Father's Day
with the Top 1o Reasons I Love My Dad

~ Shadow Box ~
To add a little something to it,
I used a rub-on on the outside of the glass,
along with a heart sticker embellishment.
This was a gift for my mom for Mother's Day/birthday.

~ DIY Coffee Mug ~
Ryan got this coffee mug for his first Christmas as a Daddy.
I found one of those mugs that you can slip the pictures in.
I used scrapbook paper and just cut out the pictures of his little girl.

See? Something simple, but these are all still considered being crafty!

Now, it's your turn! Help us get ideas for those extra special Christmas gifts. Show us what you've got and go link up HERE!


Unknown said...

love the ideas!
:) Pleased to inform you that you have been reviewed on "The Brew"!
Head over there to check it out! THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT BLOGGER!

Katie said...

Great ideas Heidi! I've always wanted to make one of those mugs but have never been able to find one that was blank for an insert. Now I'm going to redouble my efforts, those would make great Christmas presents.

He & Me + 3 said...

Everytime I come over here there are more cool things I want to make but will never have time for. make me so jealous of your talents!

Kelli W said...

Such cute ideas! I really like the shadow box!

Emily said...

So cute! I really love the bookmark.

Moore Minutes said...

Aha, that bookmark idea is perfect! I'm going to try that.

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