Thursday, November 12, 2009

monthly craft challenge - show me your photo projects!

Monthly Craft Challenge Time!

Thanks for letting me postpone by a week, but now I'm ready to see what you all have to share! This month's challenge is all about sharing fun, photo project ideas that can be used for gifts, especially for the upcoming holiday season. Like I said in yesterday's post, I know how busy this time of year is, so dig deep in your archives or find something that fits the bill that is already around your house that you could share with us.

With so much going on this past month, I didn't quite get around to completing a photo project... yet. Just like you, I have a week to get it done! In the meantime, visit the following links that I have shared from the past:

Make Your Own Puzzle
Memory Game
Keepsake Box

Recently, my mom made each of her grandkids an accordion book that had pictures of the kids with their Grammy & Papa. I thought this was a perfect gift to share as a possibility for something fun you could make for a loved one for Christmas. The tutorial to make one of these can be found HERE.

**Edited to add on 11/14/09: My friend, Kira, wanted to do this month's craft challenge, but she doesn't have a blog, so she sent me a couple of pictures of her project and I told her I would love to put it on my blog. She used glossy pictures and Mod Podged them onto these two projects. They are both puzzles where you move around the pieces to get the correct picture. Great job, Kira!


Now, it's YOUR TURN!!

1. Link up using MckLinky below.
2. In your post, either use the craft challenge button on the left side bar of my blog or a link to my site for others to be able to join in the fun or to come on by to see what everyone has created. If you're using a post from the past, edit in the information or write a new post that will lead everyone to your creation.
3. Try to visit as many of the participants as you can and comment on their creations. Share the comment love, please!!
4. This month's craft challenge will end on Thursday, November 19th. You have one week!
5. A random winner will be chosen from the participants and be announced next Friday.
6. Link up and let's see what masterpiece you have created! Get creative, get crafty, and be inspired!!


Jen @ said...

Sounds fun - I will see what I can come up with. Such a great idea!


Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

I love that memory book, Heidi!

Braley Mama said...

Those are so cute and creative!

Kelli W said...

All your old photo projects are too cute! Can't wait to see what you and everyone else come up with!

He & Me + 3 said... amaze me. I so wanna have your mad skilzzzz!

Unknown said...

Okay, I have no archives with this idea, I probably will post about it next week, but then it will be too late. BUT let me tell you, last year I made a super cute ornament with a square glass ball. You take an angelic pic of your little girl, a little modpodge to the inside of the ornament, cement your pic inside, paint a little glitter glue on the inside of the rest, drop a white feather, stick the top back in and attach a tag that says "Merry Christmas from your favorite Angel Christmas 2009" and TA DA! A perfect ornament gift for a grandparent.

Sarah Ondracek said...

No wonder you are so crafty, it's in your blood! Those books are adorable that your mom made;)

Sarah said...

Ok so I completely missed this challenge. Where have I been?

Jenny said...

Those are cute gift ideas!

Sarah said...

Hi! I like your mini albums, super cute! Sorry I didn't participate this time around, I couldn't think of something to make and then when I did, I didn't have time to do it! One photo gift I did a couple years ago, for my sister in-law, I made them coasters from Shutterfly, a set of four, with their wedding pictures.

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