Friday, November 25, 2011


October was such a busy month!! Disneyland & San Diego, Toy Story on Ice, Halloween class parties, pumpkin patch field trip, soccer, Fall pumpkin carving and caramel apples, and of course trick or treating! And, because it wasn't busy enough (ha!)...we decided to throw a little afternoon musical in there, too, before the month was over!

When I heard Pinkalicious was in town I really wanted to take Mikayla. She LOVES the Pinkalicious books. After a "tip" from a friend, I found a site that has great deals on events, but only for certain dates and times. The only time that was available was on Sunday, Oct. 30th...but for half off the tickets we squeezed it in! I asked my mom if she wanted to come with and we had a girls' night out!

When Grammy showed up, we were joking around about her not wearing any pink and Austin ran up to his sister's room and got her a pink flower and pink lei. What a sweet boy he is!

The girls ready for a night out!

My spunky Pinkalicious girl!

It was quite the trip into downtown Portland. We're really not "city folk", so finding a parking spot was quite comical...finding the car afterwords? Even more comical! Poor sweet Mikayla was so worried that we were never going to find our car!

Grammy bought Mikayla a fun PINK feather boa before the show!

October 30, 2011

The show was SUPER CUTE and Mikayla was mesmerized the whole time. She had lots of questions after the show, so it was fun to talk through it afterwords. The most asked question was "why was it fake food and not real?" I love her inquisitive mind!

Little Miss Cutie and the big PINK cupcake!

Giving a thumbs up to the show!
We were out of the theater quick enough that we were able to join in the front of the line to get each of the characters' signatures on the front of Mikayla's program.

What a fun girls' night out!

Memories were made...


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