Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Day 6

Day 6 - Milk & Cookies...and letters to Santa

It seems like I'm falling further and further behind in posting our 25 Days to Christmas, but here goes in trying to catch up...

Day 6 we baked up some cookies with ingredients I had prepared ahead of time and then enjoyed them while the kids wrote their letters to Santa.

{cookies in a jar}

{just dump the ingredients into the bowl}

{mix them all together}

{stir in the "wet" ingredients}

{roll them into balls}

{fresh from the oven}

{cookies and milk!}

Time for letters to Santa...

Austin told me to write that he wants a remote control monster truck, but he didn't really tell me anything else he wants for Christmas. However, a couple of days ago while riding in the car, he asked me..."Mommy, guess what I want from Santa." I replied, "A remote control monster truck." He said, "No, that's on my list, but I want a Touchpad like Daddy."

Dreaming big I would say!!

(How cute does he look writing his name?)

Mikayla wrote her own letter this year with a little help from me for spelling. I can't believe she's getting so grown up!

"Dear Santa,
I want a pink and white soccer ball and Barbie Christmas movie. I want a Pocahontas doll. Thank you."

Guess I have some shopping to do! ;)


Kelli said...

I love the cookies in the jar idea. I was supposed to go to a cookie party for that but it got cancelled. I'm hoping to still make some jars because I think it would be a great gift idea. You guys truly are having a great countdown time :)

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