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locks of love - august 2012

I had a comment on my last post from my sweet blogging friend Patrice who had mentioned about Mikayla's hair being short and how that came to be. It's then that I realized that this was one of those BIG MOMENTS in life that I had missed blogging about, so I thought that even thought it is 6 months later I wanted to share about it.

Mikayla has always had beautiful long blonde hair. Even when she was little, I just couldn't get enough of those sweet long blonde curls...

 {December 2008}
Over the years those curls went away (so sad!) and her hair got MUCH longer. It made it really easy to pull it back when we were in a hurry and that sometimes became the norm. She had been talking about getting her hair cut in Kindergarten and mama was NOT ready for that, so I told her that if she wanted to get her hair cut, we would do it right before first grade and she was OK with that. (Truth be told, I was holding out hope that maybe she wouldn't want to do it. Wishful thinking!! I couldn't picture my little "baby" any other way!) Then I shared with her that some people get their hair cut really short so they could donate it to make wigs for other people who unfortunately didn't have any hair. Being the sweet, sensitive, and giving little girl that she is...she definitely wanted to do that!

So, I made the dreaded appointment (for me!) on August 28, 2012. She was soooooo excited and I made sure she knew that I was excited for her...even though inside I was freaking out!!


Ready for it to begin!!
 Waiting patiently!
Hair being put into a ponytail for the big cut!
This is about the time I really was trying to hold back tears!!
Ta-da!! Wow, she did it...and she was so happy!
Now it was time for the style...and more hair to fall on the floor!
Isn't it crazy how in a matter of minutes your baby can look like she has grown leaps and bounds?!

Sending her ponytail off in the mail...
 Thumbs up!

So proud of this sweet girl!!
It's now 6 months later and her hair is growing quickly...
 and she says she wants to grow it out and do it all over again!


Patrice said...

WOW! This post had me teary. What a journey for you both (poor mum). So so proud that Mikayla donated her hair. I remember having my long pony cut exactly the same way many years ago (but I was 25 then lol).

She looks stunning with that little bob (love the little hair clip) and I look forward to seeing her hair grow out again. Lots of fun.

Thanks so much for this post Heidi - very special indeed.

Unknown said...

Awwww. This is so sweet! My 7 year old's hair is not quite that long... and certainly not that thick... but I couldn't imagine her with a bob. (She got some nice long layers when she cut her own hair a couple of years ago) This is a beautiful post and I love your little girl's sweet heart!! (and smile!)

Elaine Welte said...

We donated my now 5 year old daughter's hair back in November. I wasn't ready to donate the 10 inches required for Locks of Love, but Pantene's program allows you to donate 8 inches. It was drastic, but she loves her short hair, and we were so proud of her for making that choice! We are growing her hair out in order to donate again.

vicki said...

I forgot how long Mikayla's hair was before she got it cut! Love that girl!

Kasey said...

She looks so cute with the short little cut! That is so great that she's willing to donate all that hair to such a great cause!

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