Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love juice!

For the second year in a row I have volunteered to be Room Coordinator for my daughter's class (well, technically this year I told the teacher if no one else signs up, let me know...guess what? Yep, no one signed up!) My favorite part of being Room Coordinator is the creative part!! We are keeping it a little bit simple for this year's Valentine's Day party so I was off the hook on planning the craft and games, but I just had to add my own special little touches to make it extra fun...

How about some {LOVE} juice?!

Mix contents with bottle of water and watch it turn red!

And, you know what saved the day (and stress)?
THIS FREE PRINTABLE for the flavoring packets!!

I so appreciate other bloggers who are willing to help the rest of us keep our sanity, so that we can still enjoy the creative process without fumbling over the logistics of the project. Because I was able to quickly print the labels and attach to the packets, I was able to have fun with the part I love to do the most...creating the finished product!
*All products are Stampin' Up! (of course!)



Kasey said...

what a CUTE idea! I love it!

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