Friday, April 17, 2009

the Dollar Tree did not disappoint

I had every intention of sharing something for Kid Friendly Friday, and I actually had something to share, but birthday preparations are taking the top of the priority list for me! I had so much fun tonight (Thursday) making all of the little "extra touches", but you'll just have to wait until the party. Remember...I like to keep things a secret.

After a successful trip to Winco earlier in the day (with kids even!), I was feeling good about getting things crossed off the list. We'll be having a "build your own sandwich" bar with veggies, fruit, and chips. But the real reason I went to Winco instead of just down the street to Safeway was the bulk candy! I picked up some fun bright colored goodies to help along with my "sweetness" theme.

Later in the evening, I headed to the Dollar Tree in hopes that I might find the perfect party favor and I came away smiling! Look at what I found! Do those giant bubble wands not just scream LOLLIPOPS! Just wait until I transform them. And how cute are those lollipops?? 6 for $1.00!! How can you beat that? Can't wait to show you the special touch I put on these, too.

I tried to catch up on some blogs throughout the day, but I failed in my attempt, so if you haven't seen me in awhile, just know I'm trying to make my rounds! I've got birthday party on the brain, so all my time and energy is being chaneled into that.

And, of course...a little time spent with these cuties does a momma good!

The sun was out so the kids got to play outside this afternoon.

This little man is definitely all boy with his rocks and trucks.
I loved watching him intently play.

I watched my friend's little girl for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
Mikayla & Ellie are best buds!
Seriously, are they not the cutest little girls?

And, finally before I hit the pillow...I had the biggest scare tonight when I went to get on my computer and realized I couldn't find ANY of my documents or pictures. I started crying. No, seriously, I did. All of that lost?? My knight in shining armor (as always) pulled me out of my emotional state and found everything that was missing. For some reason our computer decided to start over like we had just gotten it and now everything's all out of whack. Hey, I'll take a little "out of whack" as long as I have my pictures. Yes, we back our computer up, but I think it had been awhile, so there would have been some lost memories (and lots of tears). Guess what we're doing tonight? Yep, backing this bad boy up. I'm not going through that heart ache again!

Have a great weekend if by chance
you don't hear from me again!


Katie said...

I love those bubble wands, we got one last year and then Kim from Four Crazy Kings pointed me toward the dollar stores this year to get more. They are great for little ones who can't blow bubbles yet. They get to make a lot at once and be successful, instead of frusterated like mine was before we got hers last year. Can't wait to see all the fun stuff you're doing for the party!

Xazmin said...

I can't wait to see everything you come up with...will you throw me a party?

Way cute pictures!

jennykate77 said...

Can't wait to see all the things you come up with for the party!! Great finds at the dollar store! Glad you didn't lose any pics off your computer!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Sarah said...

I love throwing birthday parties and everything that goes along with it. I understand birthday party mode AND the excitement when a plan comes together (and you can find everything you have envisioned :) Have fun! Can't wait to see what you came up with!

Unknown said...

Ok seriously, I can hardly wait to see what the end results are!!! So fun and exciting...!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the dollar can find some real treasures in there and I cannot wait to see what you do with these. You are so creative. Those pictures were adorable. Such cute best friends.

Kelli W said...

Those look like they are going to make some awesome party favors! As soon as I saw the pic, I thought they looked like lollipops! My boys love their dumptrucks and rocks and dirt too!

Shelby said...

Very cute pictures of the kids. I am a party person at heart and am so excited at fun sucker theme finds you scored at the dollar store! I wish we lived closer, I think our girls would have a blast playing while we talked party themes! :) Have a great weekend!

Sally said...

Everything is looking like it's going to be fantastic! I wanted those for Spencer's party last summer but by August the Dollar Tree was out of them... so sad! They are just pefect and a great activity for the kids while they're there! I have a recipe for making bubbles if you need it.

I hear you on loosing photos... we lost July of Spencer's 1st year and I was so upset! Luckily I was obsessive about e-mailing my favorites at the time so we did have some copies of my favorites.

Now I download all my photos twice... once to my laptop and once to dh computer and then we back up the computer ever so often... makes me feel better. :)

Rhonda said... the goodies you found at the Dollar Tree!! I need to go see if they have them here! That would be perfect for the Willy Wonka party I will be having in November for Caden! (Something that looks like candy!)

I love parties!! I'm planning a Science party for Cameron who will be turning 8 in July....LOVE IT!

Cannot wait to see yours!

Russell Family said...

That picture of the girls is adorable!! Good find at the dollar tree! have a good weekend!

Kelli said...

I don't go to the Dollar Store nearly as much as I should because there are some great finds there. How fun, planning the party. I'm sure it will be all the rave.
And I love your friend's daughter's red hair!

Unknown said...

I am so gald Ryan was able to find everything! I am getting CD's at Costco today so I can back up our pictures.

Love the lollipop theme and the treasures you found. I hope I am as successful today looking for fire trucks!

Jen @ said...

Your party is going to be so fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!


It Feels Like Chaos said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating Mikayla's birthday. I just know all the cute extras you've done will make the event so special!

Melissa said...

I just had my almost 4 year old daughters party today. I am so glad it is over. An hour and a half is way to long to entertain 10 3-5 year olds. My daughter received a bubble wand as a gift and she loves it.

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the picture of the girls, they are so cute and could almost pass as twins. The bubble wands are so cute, they do look just like lollipops. At that price what a steal! Can't wait to see pictures from the party. Just remember to enjoy yourself!

Lyndsie Miles said...

I lost about 6 months of McKenna's first year because we had a "new" computer and I thought we would be safe to put off backing it up... I was SO wrong! I still tear up thinking of all the lost pictures!

Amber Filkins said...

So cute! Don't you just love the Dollar Tree?? I love those bubble trays too. I've gotten those a few times. I threw Maddison a garden party for her 1st birthday, and used those. She's almost 8!!

I can't wait to hear all about the party. And see all the pics.

I lost Maddison's entire first year in pictures by not backing up our computer, and then it crashed. Even my personal geek squad of a cousin couldn't save it. I only have what I'd printed out. AND my dad accidentally taped over most of her first year of videos when he taped her first birthday party. Talk about heartache!!! I cried for days.

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