Tuesday, April 28, 2009

reliving the good old days!

I ALWAYS come through on a challenge...even if it takes me two weeks to do it! Reason? I had to hunt down the picture to fulfill this challenge and it was at my parents' house that I don't visit often since they are not currently living there right now while they are in Alaska. OK...enough of the excuses!

Xazmin at This is the Year tagged me to participate in the "PROM TAG". Really she just wanted to get back at me for the last tag I made her do. But, it's all in fun, so I'm on board. To make a long story short (and in an effort to avoid the emotional distress of my high school dating years)...I didn't even go to my prom! But, being the good sport that I am, I am still playing along and dug up the ONE dance I did go to in high school!

So the rules of the tag are this:

1) Leave me a comment guessing which year this photo was taken...(yes the wrong guess might hurt our friendship...kidding, of course...I can't be that old!) I will post the correct year in a few days after guesses come in...so guess away!

2) If I TAG you...DIG up your old Prom picture (or any dance will do as is what I did), post it and let us guess the date, too.

~If you are married to your Prom date let us know!

~If you are not...try to post a Prom picture of your Prom & a second picture of your husband's prom too...let us know where each of your dates are now...and their relationship status!! (and of course YOU are way cuter than his Prom date!)

~If you are single...let us know where your Prom date is now!

3) I am gonna TAG five people...and then those taggers need to keep it going by tagging 5 other people.


Like I said before, I didn't go to my prom (I was never asked! Can you believe that? We won't get into that.) This picture was taken the night of our high school's Valentine's Day dance. Is there really such a thing? Maybe that's why I'm not all dressed up in formal attire.

Obviously my date (we'll call him K.V.) and I were not dating as you can tell by the great distance in between us. We went to the same youth group together and were pretty good friends, so it wasn't too uncomfortable when he asked me to go as "friends". I worked for his parents all through high school. I was told quite often that I would make a great daughter-in-law...but it never happened. He is now married with 2 kids living with his wife and family in Japan. I still run into his mom every now and then and get an occasional update on what he is up to.

I asked hubby where HIS prom picture was...and he has no idea, so I will spare him the agony of plastering his high school picture on my blog and not make him call up his parents to try to find it. We'll let that one slide...

I guess that wasn't too bad. Now it's your turn! I never know if tagging people makes them roll their eyes or if they're all for it! Playing tag isn't for everybody and that's OK! All the ladies that I KNOW would play along have already been tagged, so...I'm going to take a stab at it and tag:

Katie at A Listmaker's Life

Katie at Katie's Nesting Spot
Hillary at A Beautiful Life
Shelby at Schweri Stories
Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom

And one more tag for good measure:
Kim at Caldwell Cuties

No hurt feelings if you don't do it...promise!

And, no, mom...you aren't allowed to guess! You either, sis!


lsnellings said...

I am guessing early nineties. 1992?

Katie said...

Actually, I've been wanting someone to tag me for this! I think it's such a fun one, so I'll do it for sure! I may just have to wait until I can scan in my prom picture!

He & Me + 3 said...

That was great. I don't have any pictures either. Christian school didn't do dances.
I will guess late 1990?

Unknown said...

Heidi, Love the picture! I am going to guess 95. Thanks for sharing.

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

You are cute. Isn't this a fun one? Good job digging you picture up. I am guessing 1994?


Tammy Williams said...

If it was the Valentine's Day in the year that you graduated, I am going to say 1996. You graduated the same year as I did right??

vicki said...

Looks like you found the picture:) I won't give the year away!

Miller Racing Family said...

I played this game as well. I enjoyed looking back at all the old photos. I would say maybe 1995. Have a great day!

Katie said...

You looks so cute all dressed up for the big Valentine dance. Isn't it comical to think about how long ago highschool was...seems like just yesterda;)
I will have fun searching for a prom picture to add. I'll have to find a scanner to post it, but I'll be working on it!

Katie said...

BTW, cute new pictures of your blue eyed blessings on your side bar also!

Amy said...

I can't believe you went with K.V!! (but I don't think I realized you guys went to church together).

I guess freshman year- valentine's 1993.

Shelby said...

I'll say 1994 and will try my darndest to find my prom picture... although it isn't pretty and I really don't like the guy I went with (anymore). **sigh**

heidi said...

I'm gonna say that it's 1991. I had that blue lace thing going on, too. ;-)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Well, this is a hilarious tag! Hilarious because my Prom photo is so bad, I laugh just thinking about it. Wonder where it is? I am still in touch with my date, which I guess is a good thing! Not married to him though...just the occasional hello on email. :) Adorable photo!

Xazmin said...

Okay, you are a year younger than me. So if you went your junior year (just guessing) I'm going to say 1993?

You look so cute! The "distance" you pointed out cracked me up! Thanks for being a good sport!

Ummm, but howcome you didn't do the whole "if you don't participate no hurt feelings" disclaimer at the end of the tag you tagged ME with? Hmmm?

Hillary said...

This is funny-I'll have to get mine together and do it-thanks for tagging me!

I'm guessing 1996?

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