Sunday, April 26, 2009

this one's for you, grammy & papa!

This post is specifically for my mom and dad (aka Grammy & Papa)...the only immediate family members (besides my grandparents) who couldn't be at Mikayla's birthday party last Sunday. I know that they would have LOVED to have been here to celebrate with us, but living in Alaska 9 months out of the year makes it a bit difficult to come for a quick visit!

So, Grammy & Papa (and everyone else!) enjoy the many, many, MANY pictures from the birthday girl's THIRD birthday party celebrated with family last Sunday. And, if you haven't seen my themed obsession and all the "special touches" of the party, check it out here.

Uncle Jeff & Cousin Hunter

Uncle Jody & Cousin Hailey
Cousin Jacob hanging out in the tree
The Girls - Mikayla & Cousin Hailey

Austin enjoying some lunch on the lawn

Time for presents!

Baby Care Center from Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Charlie
Blowing out the candle (should be candles!)

I want this one!
Mikayla and the "boys"

Cousin Noah enjoying the goodies!
Little brother

Cousin Hunter just hanging around
Cousin Riley & Cousin Parker
Mikayla wanted me to pass along a special greeting...

I love you Grammy & Papa and hope to see you soon!
Thanks for the fun new dolly!


He & Me + 3 said...

Great pictures...I love that bubble gum cute.

vicki said...

We love you too! Can't wait to see you:)
Papa and Grammy

Miller Racing Family said...

Great pictures. So sweet of you to post these for your family members that couldn't come. Isn't blogging wonderful for keeping up with family, they get to feel like they are right here with us.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Rhonda said...

Great pics! Are those marshmallow pops or Bakerella's cake pops? I am going to try my hand at cake pops soon for friends birthdays coming up....wish me luck!

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