Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas family fun - part two

I guess you could say the last post and the next few might just be for the sake of recapping Christmas for myself (my quick version of scrapbooking) and for family and friends who want to take a peek into my holiday happenings. Just hang in there with me and I'll get back to "other stuff" in the coming days!

On Christmas Eve, my brother and family came out to join those who were "stuck indoors" (thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!) and we had our traditional taco bar for dinner.

left to right: Mikayla, Noah, Jacob, Austin (hiding), me, my mom, my dad

left to right: Danielle, Hunter, Jeff, Kim, Jody, Ryan

After dinner, we decided to have the cousins open their presents to each other since Christmas morning was going to be a little bit bigger because there were 2 families who would be doing their "own Christmas" on top of everything else.

Hailey opening her gift from us...she loved it!!

Mikayla was trying to get Austin out of his hiding spot to open presents

instead of opening presents,
Austin was much more interested in climbing on them

and he LOVED tissue paper!
this year Mikayla was way more into opening presents and just couldn't wait to
"open another one"...she loved helping whoever's turn it was

My Little Pony remote control scooter from Aunt Dani & Uncle Jeff...
a favorite for sure!

Mommy & Mikayla
how is she growing up so fast?

Mikayla really showed her appreciation for the gifts she got

she made me so proud by saying "thank you" after opening each one

my mom started a new tradition to give the grandkids jammies
Noah says that Kayla is his best friend...
they are so cute playing together!

girls gotta stick together

Mikayla is glad that Hailey came along...
she loves her baby cousin

Have no fear...Christmas Day will be coming next!


boosmom said...

I really love the photo of you and Mikayla!

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