Friday, October 24, 2008

fun find friday-cute little jar

For today's FUN FIND FRIDAY, I thought I would show you this little jar that I found at Michael's earlier this week. I wanted something cute to go on display in my little "creative corner" in the play room.

here it is in its little cubby on the wall

I added a rub-on to add a little something extra

I haven't quite decided what I want this to hold,
but here it is with some small spools of ribbonI was also thinking buttons, embellishments, pens, extra loose ribbon...

Any other ideas that would look cute on display?

**This is only my third FUN FIND FRIDAY, but I plan on making it a weekly thing. (Not that I'll always buy something each much as I would like to!) Check out my other FUN FIND FRIDAYS here.


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