Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tackling the kitchen table

With such a busy day and me not feeling 100% (I think I have a bit of a cold), there wasn't much that got tackled completely today. As always, I started many projects, but didn't finish them because of some kind of distraction or another, which is not an uncommon thing in this household! Just ask my patient husband...

I had signed up to deliver dinner for tonight to a gal in my MOPS group who had just had a baby, so I made a batch for our family as well, which always works out well. My big tackle of the day that had the most improvement was clearing off the kitchen table and cleaning up the dining room area (not to mention, getting dinner on the table, too!). Somehow the table becomes the one place (ok, maybe one of the places...) that we tend to pile everything on top of. I feel like I am constantly clearing it off, and today was no different. I try each week to tackle something a little bit bigger on Tuesdays, but for today this will just have to do.

What an eye sore!
(The sad thing is that I have seen it looking worse!)


Mikayla was obviously ready to tackle dinner tonight!
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I'm off to go tackle some Target therapy...


Audra Krell said...

I love your before and after pics! Hope the therapy went well at Target! : )

HDMac said...

Great tackle.. I find more and more that with just hubby and I my table gets cluttered ... sigh... Sitting down together for a meal is so important and lost to many of todays children... :)

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