Sunday, October 5, 2008

pumpkin painting

For this week's Family Moment Monday over at Motherhood for Dummies, I decided to celebrate the new season of Fall with a fun, creative project. I was at the store the other day picking up a few little pumpkins for a decorative project I wanted to make for our home and decided to pick up one more pumpkin so that Mikayla could have a little decorating fun of her own. Boy, did her eyes light up when I said the word painting! This little girl loves to use her creative juices...a girl after her mommy's heart. Together we sat down (while Austin *wished* he was old enough to join in...someday, little man) and created our masterpieces. She loved that her mommy was sitting down with her across the table and making time to do this with her. Oftentimes, I "set up" a project for Mikayla and then tend to my household duties, but this time I actually took in the moment and enjoyed it with my sweet girl, commenting on her beautiful masterpiece and smiling proudly. Of course, it helped that I had something I wanted to work on also, but I really do want to try harder at finding those moments to have fun together and create together. The next thing on our list of Fall fun is to make pumpkin sugar cookies for our neighbors.

look how excited this little girl is!

hard at work

look what I made, mommy!
the finished masterpiece - what an artist!


vicki said...

You did such a great job on your pumpkin! It looks like you were having lots of fun.
Love you sweetie,

Lyndsie said...

Such a pretty pumpkin! I love this time of year! Pumpkins are so fun!

Munchkins and Music said...

Okay, this is great! My girl will LOVE this. Thanks!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

What SWEET pictures!! They do so love to have us sit with them, don't they! What a blessing.

Profile said...

I love this idea.

I had a lot of fun this weekend and look forward to scrappin' with you again next month.

Sarah said...

oooppps I sent you a comment from Dan's blog =) (profile)

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