Thursday, October 2, 2008

play on!

I'm getting closer and closer to putting the finishing touches on our newly redecorated play room. I can't wait to share the "official" after pictures! Just a few more things to add...

One of my favorite newest additions is the expression that my husband and I put up above the entryway to our bonus room (literally sweat and almost tears was put into this). I purchased this from an Uppercase Living party during the planning stages of the redecoration in hopes of putting it on the wall in the play room. After realizing that the black color was going to be a little too drastic with the softer colors I ended up going with, I thought how perfect it would be on the outside of the door, especially since we mostly have black furniture and decor in our living room. I love how it screams inspiration for not only the kids to use their imagination as they play and create, but for me as well since my "play area" is also in this room.



And, what's even better is I reused the wreath that was originally above the door for some added decor in the bonus room. The colors couldn't have matched more perfectly!


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