Wednesday, September 17, 2008

as the story goes...

Pack for vacation....a week's worth of stuff for only 3 days.

Leave a clean house. There's something about coming home to clean.

Had a great time on our 2 day trip to the beach with the Moore's. Lots of pictures and fun times to be shared later.

Home again with no major fits. Thank you, Nemo.

Unpacked the car. Dumped everything in the living room. Too tired to sort.

Kids let loose from the car like they had been caged animals, adding to the mess already made from unpacking the car (see below picture).

One word (or two?) Naptime!

Car in serious need of a deep cleaning inside and out. Left the mess in the house (pretending like it's not there) to tackle the mess outside. Minivan shines like new!

Distracted by the horrendous cluttering of the garage. Left Ryan to tackle. Sorry, Babe.

Austin naps 40 minutes (typical). Mikayla naps 3+ hours!! Probably catching up on sleep from her 6:00 AM "rise and shine" mornings at the beach. Not the highlight of the trip.

Ryan and Mikayla wash both cars.

Heidi is distracted by the computer, checking e-mail and looking through all the fun pictures of our mini-vacation as Austin plays at her feet...literally.

Off to, get...dinner.

Then to turn this house back to NEW before the kids head to bed.

Wishful thinking?

Anyone empathize?


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