Monday, September 29, 2008

our birthday boy

We celebrated Austin's 1st birthday over the weekend with a monkey-themed party with close friends and family. Unfortunately, Austin had been fighting off a bug at the beginning of the week and was still feeling a little bit crummy on Saturday (despite being checked out at the doctor on Friday as "just fine"). We think he may be going through some teething issues, along with a little bit of separation anxiety. To say the least, he wasn't exactly the life of the party, but we celebrated and loved on him anyway. It was HIS special day and there's nothing I could do about his lack of cooperation and chipperness (and for those who know how I like for things to be perfect, know that having kids is streeetttchhinng me all the time with my perfectionist tendencies). We were so blessed by the thoughtfulness of the gifts, cards, and love that our friends and family gave our son. He is blessed to have so many caring people in his life!

happy birthday little man!

we discovered he didn't care much for chocolate...interesting

it was such a beautiful day, we opened gifts outside

one of the few times he was loving the party!

Austin's actual birthday breakfast
a trip to the park to do one of his favorite things...
that boy loves to swing!

brother and sister - how sweet

later that night, we tried again with the cupcake, but it was still a "no go"
Our sweet boy, thank you for blessing us with the beauty of who you are. We love you today more than just keeps growing.


vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Austin!
Papa and Grammy love you.

Jessica Rae said...

Aw, what a sweet little man. That first year is such a whirlwind! Now that's it's over you can breathe, celebrate your survival and start to get all sappy and nostalgic over the passing of your "baby season". ;)

Happy Birthday Austin!

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