Saturday, September 13, 2008

cooking up some pizza

On Friday night, Mikayla and I had the pleasure of having a little mommy/daughter time and headed on over to celebrate Ava's birthday, one of Mikayla's little friends who was turning 3. My good friend, Kareena, Ava's mommy, kicked her creativity in high gear and the party was a hit! Since Ava loves to cook, be it pretend or real, the kids got to make their own little pizzas, which was such a fabulous idea! They had so much fun being "chefs" for the evening and created some delicious masterpieces. Many of them couldn't wait for the pizzas to get into the oven, so they started snacking right off the preparation, learning the real benefit of food prep at a young age.

Enjoy the pictures of a fun toddler birthday! Happy Birthday Ava!

Roll it, sauce it, and place the "goods" on top.

And Mikayla says, "I'll take my drink to go!"


vicki said...

It looks like you were a great chef and you had lots of fun!

Unknown said...


You are so kind! Honestly, I get inspired by your creativity so thank you for being such an excellent blogger. I'm glad that you two had a nice time. You captured the party perfectly with your pictures...another gift my friend! Blessings to you this week!


Rhonda said...

Hey...what cute chef hats. Do you mind sharing what they are made from or how you made them? Thanks!

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