Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christmas time coming soon

Well, actually there is 93 days left.

You're probably thinking....are you serious??

I know, I know.

I truly don't want time to fade away from now to then...

But I really do want the coming Christmas season to be a fun and stress-free one this year and I would like to actually accomplish and do all of the fun things that I have always wanted to do during this busy time of year. So, in my attempt to get myself organized and thinking ahead, (although I realize it's early, but it's never too early to be organized, right?), I have hooked up with the 100 Days to Christmas challenge where daily they will give you a challenge to get yourself more prepared for the holiday season. For more details, go see for yourself!


Sarah said...

I would love to be more organized this Christmas. I even thought I should start shopping soon =)

Sally said...

Good grief! I do indeed need to start thinking about this. Any excuse to shop!

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