Sunday, September 21, 2008

today's fun find!

We headed to IKEA today to pick up containers for a craft I am doing with my MOPS ladies. While we were there, I was on a hunt for a couple of things to help spruce up my little "creative corner" of the newly painted and on-its-way-to-being-redecorated-bonus room. I didn't come away with much, but I did find these cute planting pots that I turned into pen and scissor holders. These match perfectly with the white decor that I am going for in the room. These little goodies were only $1.99 each and the only bummer part is that I didn't bring home more!

I'm still holding the rest of my corner underwraps until I am completely ready for the big unveil. I'm also keeping busy planning my son's 1st birthday party and I have monkeys on the brain! Can't wait to share all of these fun things, too!


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