Sunday, September 21, 2008

shortest trip to the beach...ever!

**I've been wanting to post these pictures for the last couple of days, but for some reason I was having troubles uploading them through blogger. But after much determination, here they are!!

In my attempt to continue to give you the bits and pieces of our trip to Bella Beach earlier this past week, here are some more fun pictures of the shortest visit to the actual beach...ever! I think it lasted literally a total of 20 minutes...if that? Mikayla had been talking about going to the beach for so long, that after our lunch at Mo's, we headed right down to the public beach access with sand buckets, shovels, and blankets in hand. Unfortunately, the weather was crummy, the tide was coming in, and the wind was blowing pretty hard, causing all of us (OK, really the parents) to want to call it quits. Our poor kiddos (that's for you, Jason) were troopers because they just wanted to keep playing. As the water threatened to wash over the blankets, and soak us all, we promised them another trip to the beach after naps. Thankfully there was little complaining and we all made it back to the car without much more sand than what we had started with.

Austin's first time ON the beach (I don't think our earlier trip of outlet shopping AT the beach counts)...
but, of course, he wouldn't touch the sand

Mikayla loves playing in the sand...
we'll have to get her a sandbox for next summer

All of the kiddos doing their own thing
Daddy and son-so cute!


vicki said...

These are such cute pictures. Glad you were able to final upload them. It was worth the wait!

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