Thursday, November 6, 2008

keeping busy...and loving it!

This week I don't feel like I've been my usual "blogging self". This means little blog posting, reading other blogs, commenting on other blogs, and anything else that is related to blogging.

I'm trying to get my priorities straight because there is a lot to do these days it seems! (And even more that I want to do.)

And so, in my effort to get things crossed off that ever growing list, this is what I have been up to (in addition, of course, to spending the day with my two sweet blue eyed babes)...

Making a fun birthday card for my dad with the kids as my muse...

Creating sets of simple special occasion gift tags for the upcoming Newberg MOPS Craft Fair & Bazaar I am coordinating. I will also be showcasing many of my samples of photo cards.

**Update: I decided not to sell the gift tags and just focus on my photo cards. Now I have lots of back up tags for whenever I need them! Or for a little gift for someone.

And I also managed to design a couple of special occasion cards.

The greatest thing about all of this creating and keeping busy is that I don't find any of it a burden. I love it too much for it to ever be a chore!


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