Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm so lucky.

For so many things.

To start out with, I've been blessed with growing up in a loving, Christian home surrounded by family everywhere I look. It's the best feeling. The best way to grow up.

And friends? I have an abundance! I have some of the best friends who encourage, and have made me a stronger and better human being.

And, of course, there's this amazing man who swept me off my feet. How thankful I am that the Lord saved him just for me! I can't imagine my life without him by my side.

There aren't enough words to express the thankfulness I have for my beautiful children. Just thinking about this gift I have been given brings me to tears. How could I be so lucky? They are my reason for loving life even more.

Thankfulness comes in all sorts of forms and shapes. There's that deep thankfulness that you can't deny that there is a God that has given you these things. And there's a sweet thankfulness of all the little things that make life just a little easier and more enjoyable.

As this week of Thanksgiving begins, it's only fitting to give thanks for the things you have been blessed with. May you pause, at least for a moment, and give thanks to The One who has given you this life.


Anonymous said...

It is so important to take time out and reflect on the precious gifts we have been given.

Sarah said...

Your family pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful family!!!

love your blog today!

heidi said...


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