Saturday, November 1, 2008

a simple Halloween

Our Halloween was pretty much like any other day, with maybe a few extra surprises here and there. If you really want to see how a day of Halloween fun is supposed to look like, check it out here. Simply amazing and I'm just a wee bit jealous that I didn't do some of these fun things...maybe next year.

On Halloween morning, the "pumpkin fairy" dropped by for a visit and left each of the kids a little bucket of goodies on the front porch. Mikayla enjoyed opening the door to find some special treats and begged me all day to have her pumpkin Pez. (I eventually gave in when it was time to do her hair...distractions are always needed!)

We had a pretty normal day, made some caramel popcorn for a party we were headed to in the evening, daddy came home for lunch, the kids took great naps, and I even cleaned the house! Not a bad way to spend a holiday, I guess.

Later in the evening, we dressed up the kiddos in all their cuteness and headed to a little get together at a friend's house. We snapped a couple of pictures before the party just in case we wouldn't have time to get some good shots later and I'm so glad we did. I didn't come away with as many "good" pictures as I had hoped from the evening. Oh well, the kids got to dress up the week before, so I have some pictures from that outing, too.

our sweet Tinkerbell

our little monkey
and by the looks of it the serious side of Tinkerbell...

...and the playful side...
...and the motherly side.

After the party we headed on over to meet all four of my grandparents at their retirement home and to also meet up with my brother and his family, and my sister-in-law's family. We filled the whole lobby with 3 fairies, 1 monkey, a doggy, a farmer, a ninja and one sweet new little ladybug. And, guess what? No picture! Who am I? I usually eat this up and take pictures of all the kids together and my kids with their grandparents. Maybe it had to do with my two little ones running (or crawling) all over the place and Mikayla bouncing off the walls after only having 2 tootsie rolls (I swear!) I did remember the video camera and actually used it, so I guess that counts, right?

the "newly walking" monkey

cousin Hunter, the doggy
here's the disheveled-looking Tinkerbell
after a long evening

The Boos Family on Halloween Night
look how beat red our faces are...

a whole lot of running and a whole lot of chasing was involved

A little after 7:00 we headed home and from the back seat we heard "I want to go trick or treating". Ryan and I looked at each other and realized that Mikayla is now aware of this tradition, which makes complete sense with us talking it up so much. We were in such a hurry to get home and the kids ready for bed, that we had failed to add this very important tradition to our evening! Once we pulled into the garage, we put the kids' costumes back on (for the third time and with much protest from the monkey), and decided to hit a few houses on our block. So, those cute little bags I decorated for trick or treating? Yeah those. They didn't get used to their full potential this year. There's always next year...

Once back home after gathering her two, yes two, pieces of candy (and that's OK with me), she got to pass out candy to the few trick or treaters we got at our door.

I think, for some reason, I was a little off my game this year. Next year, instead of running around from here to there, I think we'll stick to doing some trick or treating in our neighborhood and call it a night.

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Sarri said...

Such a fun day!! Your last sentence made me laugh though. We used to drive all around town going to parties, the downtown event, and trick or treating specific houses. Then a couple of years ago we decided to just do our neighborhood. It was the best decision!!

Your kids are just adorable. I love that monkey costume!

Frugal Finds said...

Love the costumes. My DD was Tinkerbell for a few Halloween's over the years. This year she has to be a prisoner so her brother the police man, could arrest her!

michelle said...

Adorable photos! My twin boys were the same monkey this year :) Glad to be visiting from Tip Junkie!

Alisha said...

I came over from Tip Junkie. I love the costumes.

Dennis and Leslie said...

Saw you on Tip Junkie, love the costumes! Your children are adorable!

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