Thursday, November 13, 2008

making some traditions - Thanksgiving style

Did I seriously go 3 days without posting? I guess you could say, I needed more hours in my days this week!

Here are a couple of little Thanksgiving projects that I've been working on and finally finished.

Thankful Tree
I was first inspired by something I saw in a Paper Crafting for kids magazine, but it required just a bit more "craftiness" than I could dish out, so when I saw this cute version, I went from there!

I used some weeping willow branches I've had for a very long time and use as my every day decorations. They seemed too perfect (and easy) to not use for this project.

For Thursday's 100 Days to Christmas challenge, we were challenged to stop and take a moment to truly honor this holiday and give thanks to the things that we have been blessed with. Tonight after we finished eating, my husband and I wrote down things that we were thankful for on each leaf and then I hung them on the "tree".

Earlier in the day, while I worked on my project Tayla worked on her project by coloring her own leaves. We even used glitter! I know, I felt somewhat daring...still in control, mind you, but daring nonetheless. She told me some things that she was thankful for and so these are on our refrigerator to remind us of that.

Cornucopia of Thanks
After I saw this cute inspiration, I used this idea for our local MOPS group November craft (I am the Creative Activities Leader). I made a sample for each of the tables, so now I have 6 of these that I have decided to use for some decor at my Thanksgiving table. Yes, I am hosting this year! I'm super excited since this will be our first one (but no so much with the whole turkey thing) I plan on hanging these on the back of each of my guests chairs with a little treat inside (sorry, Kristen, if I spoiled the surprise for you!). You can also use it as a holder for all the things that you are thankful for by writing them on slips of paper and putting them inside.

We were encouraged by our speaker at this month's MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting to choose just 1 or 2 traditions to include as part of your Thanksgiving holiday each year. For this year, these are the 2 that I will be using! (Oh, and maybe one more that just sounds like too much fun not to do!)


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