Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a special touch for the Thanksgiving table

I've been looking for a way that I might be able to spruce up each place setting at our Thanksgiving table (nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?). There have been many different ideas that I have been inspired by, but there wasn't anything that I felt like I could pull off without too much work and too much money. I'm a pretty simple girl who likes to decorate and be creative, but I'm not one to go overboard. Our Thanksgiving is going to be a little bit smaller this year with 6 adults, and 4 children under the age of 4 years. I didn't need to do anything extravagant...just something to give the table some extra pizzazz!

I finally decided on what I wanted to do, but needed to find a few things first. I was on a hunt for some small fall decor pieces. Um, that's almost impossible since every store is decked out head to toe in Christmas. What's Fall anyway?

Thankfully, as I was standing in line to check out at Michael's craft store (with no fall items in hand mind you), I looked up and saw this pre-made wreath at 80% off. It didn't catch my attention to actually use as a wreath because it looked a little disheveled (when the cashier took it down, some of the leaves and berries fell off). Anyway, I thought I could take all the pieces off and use them for other for my table settings. Plus, now I have an empty wreath to use for future craftiness! We'll see what comes of that!

I didn't bother buying cloth napkins. Less laundry, right? I thought I could pull off a simple (but still cute) look with nice paper napkins. I used the large white ones from IKEA (a package of 100 for $2.99...a whole lot cheaper than cloth!)

I took two different colored leaves, placed them on the white napkin (with the side corners folded in) and placed the silverware on top.

Then I added some berries and wrapped up the bottom and tied with a gingham ribbon (which I just so happened to find on clearance...score!)

I wanted to also have placecards at each table setting, but then I thought I could just add a little tag with our names and call it good. I think it turned out pretty cute. I'm going to set these on top of each plate around the table. The rest of the table will probably look pretty simple since it will mostly be full of food and almost half of the guests will be kids anyway.

I even made little silverware settings for the kiddos.

And, now they're all ready to go!

Simple and cute works for me!

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Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

What a cute idea! And at the right price, too!

heidi said...

Very nice and creative and thrifty and...just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love it! I like the way you thought outside of the box!

Sally said...

love it Heidi! Now I wish I had more time!

Anonymous said...

Simple and elegant - my kind of decorating :)

You asked a question on Lizzie's Home about the paper/drawer organizer? I bought mine at Big W down here - I believe Walmart owns the stores so I'm sure there's something similar in Walmart. Or any major stationery supply store :) And I'm like you, I liked that the drawers don't hold much because it never gets overwhemling to clean out! LOL.

vicki said...

They look great! Wish we were there also.
Mom and Dad

Lyndsie Miles said...

That is SO CUTE! What great finds and what creativity!

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