Tuesday, November 18, 2008

man, that girl can sing!

About two months ago my husband surprised me with 2 tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert here in Portland. (He had picked up on a couple of my subtle hints that I had dished out in passing...what a man!) Here's today's confession: I am a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood. I often get lost in her music and have her entire CD memorized!

Last night was the much anticipated concert, so hubby and I found a babysitter and we headed out for a night out. Because of time, we stopped by Baja Fresh for a quick bite to eat and then headed to the Rose Garden. I had been a little anxious about leaving the kiddos with our first non-family/non-friend babysitter, but the anxiousness went away as the night progressed.

Carrie was headlining and Little Big Town was opening. We found it a little funny that a group who had been together for 10 years was opening for someone who no one knew about 4 years ago. She's THAT good! Little Big Town did a great job, but the minute Carrie came on stage, I was hooked! Her voice is incredible and her stage presence keeps you entertained. I cried, laughed, sang, (dare I say danced?!) to the music and was lost for the next 2 hours. Her performance is summed up with one word: AMAZING!

Of course, I came away wishing that I was a country superstar, but only for a second because then I realized how much I couldn't wait to come home to my sweet babies. Instead, I'll just keep turning Carrie's music up and singing along with her...and that will suit me just fine!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun date.

Moore's Galore said...

I heard she was coming to the Rose City and thought how much you would love that concert! (Ryan is good!!) Reading your account of the concert brought me back to our last concert..."Girls Night Out Tour"! Those were the days my friend, how things change and get sweeter with each year. Glad you got to reconnect with a piece of your heart that night!!

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