Friday, August 22, 2008

blue and yellow make green

This morning I woke up with a new motivation to start working on redecorating the play room. A couple weeks ago, I shared about the struggles of deciding on a paint color and was stuck. I felt like I couldn't move on, but this morning, after Austin's morning nap, the three of us climbed in the van and headed to Home Depot (despite the sign out front that continuously blares "Don't Shop Home Depot"...oops! sorry! I'm sure I'm not the only one who drove right past trying not to make eye contact with the men standing in front).

On our way, Mikayla and I began chatting...

Mommy: We're going to the store to pick out paint.

Mikayla: Kayla, paint, too.

Mommy: I think you're too little to paint.

Mikayla: No, Kayla not too little. Kayla big girl. (with a tone of "how dare you call me little")

Mommy: Yes, you're right, you are a big girl.

Mikayla: Kayla paint, too.

Mommy: OK, when we get home you can paint.

After grabbing all the paint samples I could carry and a quick little "ride" for Mikayla on the lawnmower (cheap entertainment), we were off! We decided to meet up with Ryan for lunch and the whole way there Mikayla kept talking about painting. On the way back from lunch, I noticed the time and knew that painting would have to wait until after naptime. So, instead of breaking the news to her at home, I thought I would try and do it gently in the car...

Mommy: When we get home, you and Austin are going to take a nap first.

Mikayla: No nap! Painting first! (can you just hear the 2-year old in her?)

The conversation continued with a whole lot of "I promise you can paint, but we're going to take a nap FIRST." "Daddy will love your picture that you paint AFTER you take a nap." In which she would respond. "No nap. Painting first." Despite the protest, we did have a smooth transition to naptime. But the minute she woke up, I heard sounds from the bedroom... "Mommy! Painting!" Aw, yes...I knew she wouldn't forget.

And you know what that means? Mikayla had her first painting experience. I'm not a fan of messes, so that's the whole reason I have avoided this messy art project in the first place, which I probably should have already given it a try to broaden her horizons. Poor girl. The whole experience turned out great! She loved it and it made me so happy to see her enjoying herself...happy enough to even want to do it again! During the 20 minute art session, she had to wash her hands three times and NOT because of me, but because she wanted to. Ah, she is my girl.

Here she is having a blast...

look at the concentration on her face

just like always, her friends had to watch

she even learned that blue and yellow make green

our budding artist

and, if that didn't show her how much of a cool mom I was,
check out what I let Mikayla do in the bathtub tonight
(no's not real paint, just bubble bath paint-yes, I'm wild, I know)

And, in case you're wondering, I think I have narrowed my paint choices down and hopefully we'll get started (well, Ryan will get started) painting soon. I can't wait to show you the transformation!


vicki said...

I love your paintings you made today. It looked like you were having a great time. I am also proud of Mommy for "letting" you paint. It looks like your "friends" were watching over you.
Love you and miss you,

Smith Family said...


Your artwork is beautiful! Way to go =).

love you!

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