Thursday, August 14, 2008

just another day at the park

My friend, Kendra and her two kids Noah (6 months older than Mikayla), & Emma (1 month older than Austin) came over today and we headed out for a walk to the park close to our house. It was already pretty hot to start out with, and only after about a half hour or so of the kiddos playing and having a good time, we noticed the redness of their cheeks and thought instead of suffering in the heat any longer that we would head back to our house for a little lunch. We spread a couple of blankets out on the living room floor and had a picnic lunch there (we were going to have a picnic lunch at the park anyway, so of course it had nothing to do with the fact that my dining room table was covered in junk). We spent another hour or so chatting while the kids played around us. It's so fun to have good friends with little ones that enjoy playing with each other. Mikayla always enjoys having her friends around...and so do I!

Seriously. How cute is she?

Noah looking quite serious.

Emma being her adventurous self and climbing UP the slide.

A few minutes after this picture, Austin was a little too intrigued by the barkdust and decided to give it a taste.

Loving the swings!


vicki said...

Looks likes lots of fun! Wish I could have been there too.

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