Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a little inspiration wouldn't hurt-TAKE 2

**For some reason, my previous post on the redecorating process of our home's bonus room was deleted from my blog. One day it was there in its entirety, pictures and all (someone had even left a comment!) and the next day it was gone. It was a VERY lengthy post and I am sad that it got lost in cyberspace because I spent a good amount of time on it. But instead of getting frustrated and letting myself get worked up about it, I am going to move on and give you the shortened version, which is really all I had to do in the first place I'm sure.

This post is part of Talk About Tuesday - the Talk About a Home Tour edition. Talk about Tuesday is sponsored by the Lazy Organizer, a great little blog that on most days the name fits me just right. I love to organize and decorate, but sometimes it takes just a little bit longer to get it all done (hey, I'm all about getting it done right).

I'm looking for some inspiration to finish (OK, start) the redecorating process of our fabulous little play room that serves as the kids' play space and momma's play space, too! I received the "go ahead and change it up" for my 30th birthday (back in February) from my ever so gracious husband. Over the last few months, I have collected all the little goodies to compliment the room (desk, entertainment unit, wall decor, etc.), but am looking for one important thing...the right paint color to liven up the walls. I am waiting for a paint sample to jump out at me and say "I'm the one!" It hasn't happened yet, but I'm ready.

Below are some pictures from various parts of the playroom (most days it usually looks a little "played in", so I didn't take a picture of the whole room to avoid you being distracted by the mess...OK, the truth is I just didn't want to clean it). The colors are bright and fun and centered all around one rug that I had used in my classroom when I was a teacher. Around the time my daughter was born, I found the cutest Little Tikes toy box and shelf that matched perfectly with the rug. They have been living in the play room for the last 2 years with colors on the wall that don't quite match. It's time for that to change!

My son playing with one of my inspirational finds from Ikea. The colors matched perfectly, so I couldn't help but put this new little friend into the cart.

I need some inspiration! My husband is ready to paint the walls! Oh yes, that was part of the gift. (I think he might be regretting that he included that part.) I would love any suggestions you might have (thanks to the gal who left the comment on the previous post...I did get a chance to read it before it got lost). Hopefully I'll get some inspiration and a paint color will be decided soon. I would love to post pictures for the next Home Tour Edition on the first Tuesday in September.

For more Talk About a Home Tour inspirations, visit The Lazy Organizer.

...And that, my friends, is the shortened version. No, seriously, it was.


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