Thursday, August 14, 2008

down in the dumps

This last week I have been a little bit down in the dumps and my motivation has been lacking in so many areas. It's something that is hard to explain, but it's not fun. Tonight, I wanted to do something that I enjoy and haven't had the chance to do much this about my sweet babies. There's nothing I enjoy better than sharing about the day to day fun with my little ones!

Nothing is sweeter than...

...watching your two babies hold hands while they are sitting in their car seats.

...snuggling with your 2-year old while laying in your bed.

...having your 10-month old lay his head on your shoulder and fall asleep.

...listening to the sounds of your two babies playing and laughing together.

...a hug from your husband and him telling you that he loves you.

Thank you to my blue eyed blessings who have helped put a smile on my face this week despite me feeling a little down.


Sally said...

Hi Heidi -
Sorry you're feeling a little down... I wanted to tell you that although I don't always have time to comment I enjoy your blog and your energy! You are a fabulous mommy!!!


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